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English wordsMeanings
pilliona seat on a motor cycle, behind the driver
palmthe inside of your hand between your fingers and your wrist. The same word also means a tall tree with large fan-shaped leaves at the top. It grows in hot countries
paviliona large tent or a wooden building, usually for the players on a sports ground
plainordinary; not fancy or decorated. The same word also means a large flat part of the country
planto think out how a thing can be done before you do it. The same word also means a model or drawing showing the shape and design of something, like a building or a town
planea carpenter’s tool used to make wood smooth. It is also a short word for aeroplane
pluma juicy fruit with a stone in the middle
plumea large curly feather, sometimes worn as an ornament on a hat
pylona metal tower or mast that holds up electric cables
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