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English wordsMeanings
playto have fun; to take part in a game: to perform on a musical instrument. The same word also means a show acted on a stage, usually without music
pailanother word for bucket
palenot having too much colour or brightness; looking washed out
peala loud sound, as of bells ringing, or of thunder
pebblea small smooth roundish piece of stone
peelthe skin of fruit or vegetables. You can peel (bark off) trees and sometimes pieces of your skin when you have been sunburned
peoplemen, women, boys and girls
pilea lot of things on top of each other, like a pile of books, or a pile of old junk
pillmedicine like a little ball or pellet, that must be swallowed
pillowa bag filled with feathers or some soft material, where you lay your head on bed
playgrounda special place at school or in a park where children can play
playmatesomeone you play with
playtimea period of time for playing, not working or studying
polea long rounded piece of wood or metal, used to hold something up, such as a flag. The same word also means the north or south ends of the world’s axis
poola small area of water, sometimes not bigger than a puddle
pullto get hold of something and bring it towards you
pulleya wheel with a hollow rim. You put a rope around the rim and pull on it to lift heavy things
pupila person who is taught by a teacher. The same word also means the round dark circle in the middle of your eye through which you see
record-playeran instrument for playing gramophone records; the usual word for a gramophone worked by electricity
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