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English wordsMeanings
polishto make something shiny by rubbing it hard, usually with special powder, paste or liquid
palacethe house where a king or queen lives
pillowcasea covering for a pillow. The word pillowslip has the same meaning
placespot where someone or something is
plaguea terrible illness that spreads from person to person very quickly
pleaseto make someone feel happy. You also use this word when you are being polite in asking someone to do something
plougha farm tool pulled along by horses or a tractor. It cuts into the ground and turns it over
pluckcourage; bravery. The same word also means to pull at the strings of a musical instrument, such as the guitar
pluga piece of metal or rubber made to fit a hole so the water does not run out. An electric plug fits into a socket to obtain electric power
plusthe sign + which shows that numbers are to be added
policea group of men and women whose job is to see that the laws of the country are obeyed. If you see someone breaking the law, you can ask the police to do something about it
publicopen to or belonging to everyone; the opposite of private
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