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English wordsMeanings
posya small bunch of flowers
pacea step or the length of a step, as when you say something is six paces away, speed
packto put things into a container. You pack clothes into a trunk or suitcase when you go away. The same word also means a bundle
packagea parcel or bundle
pageone side of sheet of paper in a book. Newspaper, magazine or notebook. The same word also means a young boy who attends a bride at her wedding, or who runs errands in a hotel
passto move ahead of something in front of you. The same word also means to hand something to someone
passagea long narrow part inside a building, with doors opening at the sides and end of it
pauseto stop what you are doing for a moment
peacea time when no one is fighting
peacha juicy round fruit with a velvety skin and a stone-like seed
peacocka large bird with beautifully-coloured feathers. He can spread his tail out like a large fan
peakthe topmost point. The same word also means the brim of a cap that sticks out in front
peckto pick up food in the peak with short jerky movement. Hens peck at their food
pega strong clip or pin used to hang things up like washing on a line or to fasten things down like a tent rope
pickto choose; together. The same word also means a sharp tool used to break rock or hard ground.
piecea part or bit of something, but not all of it, like a piece of pie. The word also means one of something, like a piece of paper
piga fat farm animal with a curly tail
pikea large greedy freshwater fish. The same word also means a weapon like a pear, used in the old days
pixiea kind of fairy
poachto cook foods, such as eggs without their shells, or fish, in very hot water. The same word also means to catch animals or fish on someone else’s land without his permission
poketo jab or push anything suddenly
possesto own or to have
poucha small bag
pushto move something away from you without lifting it
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