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English wordsMeanings
pourto make liquid run out of a container by tipping it forward
pairtwo things which are meant to be used together, like a pair of shoes
paperthe material used to write on or wrap parcels in
peara juicy fruit rather like an apple, only softer and rather cone-shaped
peera nobleman, usually with the rank of Lord. The same word also means to look very closely
peppera spicy powder used to flavour food. It tastes hot, and can make you sneeze if you breathe it in. The same word also means a bright green or red vegetable that grows in hot countries
piera platform of stone, wood or metal, that reaches out over the water so that ships and boats can stop at the end of it
poorhaving little money or few belongings. The same word also means not good, like poor soil where nothing grows very well
prairiea large area of flat grassy land with very few trees
prayto ask God for help; to request humbly
prayerthe act of praying
preya bird or animal that is hunted for food by another bird of animal
pryto peer into or try to find out about things that do not concern you
pureclean; without fault
purrthe sound a cat makes when it is happy
vapourmist, steam or smoke floating in the air
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