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English wordsMeanings
preciousvery valuable; worth a lot of money
parisha part of a county with its won church
parkan open space with grass and trees and playgrounds for children. The same word also means to stop a car and leave it at the side of the street or in a parking space
perchsomething a bird sits or stands on, like a stick or twig
perishlong-lasting, not ever changing. A perm, a short word for permanent wave, keeps hair curly
phrasea group of words, usually part of a sentence
pierceto make a hole with something sharp
porcha covered entrance to a building
praiseto say very nice words about someone or something
preachto speak to others about being good, usually in church
pressto push against or push down. The same word also means all newspapers and magazines and the people who write what is printed in them
pricehow much money you have to pay for something
prickto make a tiny hole with something sharp. You must be careful not to prick your finger with a needle when you are sewing
prizea reward for doing something well
purchaseto buy something
pursea small bag to keep money in
pursueto go after, to follow
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