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English wordsMeanings
rapto hit sharply
autobiographythe story of a person’s life written by himself and not by someone else
geographythe study of the surface of the earth and the people and animals living there
grapegreen, purple or red fruit that grows in bunches on a vine
graphefruita round fruit like large orange with a yellow skin and a sharp taste
grapha diagram, usually on squared paper, that shows how a series of measurements changes
photographa picture taken with a camera
photographicthe same pertaining to photography
rapidquick; speedy
rapidsa rocky, steep part of a river where the water flows very quickly
rapiera long thin sword
reapto cut and gather in crops of grain
reefa line of rocks lying just under the water, so that the waves break over it
ribone of the rounded bones between your shoulders and your waist
ripto tear something
ripeready to eat
robto take something that is not yours; to steal by force
robea long garment that covers you down to your ankles
roofthe covering on the top of a building or car
ropevery thick string. It is used to tie heavy things together
roveto roam or wander about
rubto move something against something else, such as rubbing polish on furniture with a cloth
rubya jewel, deep re in colour
scrapa small piece of something. The same word also means to quarrel or fight
scrapeto rub against something with a rough or sharp edge
skyscrapera very tall building
stenographerone who is skilled in stenography of shorthand
strapa long thin piece of leather, usually with a buckle, to fasten something
telegrapha way to send messages quickly by electricity
trapa way of catching animals or birds
trapdoora door in the floor or ceiling
trapezea kind of swing with only a thin bar for a seat
wrapto cover something by folding paper or cloth around it. The same word also means a shawl or cape worn by girls and women
xylographywood engraving, a process of decorative painting on wood
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