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rationa share or portion. When there is not enough food to go round, everyone is allowed the same ration, so that everyone has a fair share
alterationa change
botherationtrouble, tension, worry
celebrationa party on a special day like a birthday or a national holiday
corporationa group of people who run the business of a town
deliberationcareful consideration, Intention
illustrationa picture, usually in a book. The word also means an example that helps to explain something
maladministrationbad management of affairs
operationsomething that is done, especially something done by doctors in hospital to make people well again
redeemto buy back, to ransom, to save
retainto keep in possession, detain, engage
rhythm(say rithm) a regular pattern or beat of music that you can keep time to
rottenbad, spoiled. Apples go rotten if they are kept too long.
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