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English wordsMeanings
raya thin line of light, like a sunbeam
arrayto adorn, decorate, dress one self, put in order
betrayto give away secret information; to let someone down by breaking a promise
braythe cry of a donkey
crayona soft kind of pencil that you use to colour a picture
fraya fight or quarrel
fraya fight or quarrel
prayto ask God for help; to request humbly
prayerthe act of praying
rareunusual; valuable
rawnot cooked
rayona man-made silky material. Dresses, blouses, ties and other clothes are often made of rayon
rearthe back part
roara loud deep noise made by big animals like lions and tigers when they are angry
row(rhymes with no) a line of things or people. The same word also means to move a boat through water, using oars
row(rhymes with now) a noisy quarrel or fight
ryea kind of grain
sprayto send out fine drops of liquid
strayto wander away or go in the wrong direction by mistake
traya flat piece of wood, metal or plastic, on which you can carry light things, such as cups and saucers and food
x-raya special kind of photograph which shows doctors what the inside of your body looks like
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