English Vocabulary Words
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English wordsMeanings
realtrue; not made up or imaginary
cerealany kind of grain used as food
raila wooden or metal bar used as part of a fence: a long metal bar which is used to make a railway track
railwayvery long parallel bars of metal that make a road or track fro trains to run on
realizeto understand clearly
reallywithout question; in fact
realma region, sphere, the dominions of a sovereign
reela lively dance. The same word also means a circular piece of wood or metal on which wire, thread or string is wound
relyto trust or depend on
rolea part represented by an actor, any conspicuous part of function
rollto move along by turning over and over. The same word also means a kind of bread
royalto do with a king or queen
rulewhat you must or must not do. You must obey the rules at school. The same word also means a ruler for measuring
ruralvillage-type surroundings; the opposite of urban
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