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ringa circle. Some rings are made of gold or silver and pretty stones, to be worn on your fingers. The same word also means the sound of a bell
bearingthe part of a machine on which another part moves or slides. The same word also means the way you carry yourself
bringto carry something with you when you come
daringfull of courage; plucky
duringthrough; while something is happening
earringjewellery which is worn on the ear
fringehair cut straight across the forehead. The same word also means an edging of loose threads, usually on clothing, lampshades and rugs
herringa small seafish
rancha very big farm where large numbers of cattle, horses or sheep are raised
rankthe position of a soldier, sailor or airman in the armed forces. The same word also means a row or line of things or people
ransackto search through something in a rather rough and untidy way
reinsleather straps used to guide a horse
ring-mastera man who announces the acts in a circus
rinka large circle or square of ice that you can skate on
rinseto take soap away by washing in clear water
runga piece of metal or wood used as a step in a ladder
springto move quickly and suddenly. The same word also means a piece of metal which can be pressed down but jumps back into position when you let it go. The same word also means the season after winter, when plants begin to grow
stringa long piece of thick thread for tying up things: one of the parts of a musical instrument, such as a violin or guitar
wringto make water come out of something, like wet clothes, by twisting and squeezing
wringera machine with two rollers that wring the water out of wet washing
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