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English wordsMeanings
roguea person who is dishonest; a cheat
raceto move very quickly to get to a place before someone else does. The same word also means a large group of people having a similar appearance, especially the same skin colour. Europeans, Africans and Chines all belong to different races
racka framework to keep things on, such as a hat rack
raga piece of cloth that is old and often full of holes
ragegreat anger; fury
raiseto lift up. The same word also means to collect, as when you raise money for charity. It means to grow or breed something, like plants or animals
rakea garden tool with a long handle and metal teeth
raseto graze, to erase
rashan outbreak of red spots on the skin. The same word also means acting hastily, without careful thought
reachto stretch out far enough to touch or get hold of something. The same word also means to get to a place; to arrive
recessa place set back in a wall. The same word also means a short rest from work or lessons
reekto small very strongly and usually unpleasantly
rehearseto practise for a performance
rejoiceto feel full of joy; very happy
rescueto save, to take someone away from danger
ricethe seeds of a food plant that grows in hot countries. Rice grains are hard, but become soft when they are cooked
richhaving lots of money
ricka stack or pile of hay
riseto move upward; to go higher
riska chance that you may lose something or be harmed in some way
rocka large piece of stone. The same word also means to move back and forth or from side to side
rooka black bird like a crow. It has a hoarse loud cry
rosea beautiful sweet-smelling flower with a prickly stem
rosypinky-red colour
roughnot smooth; bumpy
rouseto awaken or to stir up somebody’s feelings
ruga small floor mat or carpet. The same word also means a kind of blanket used when travelling
rushto hurry; to move quickly to get somewhere on time. The same word also means a tall kind of grass growing near water
ruska kind of dry, very crisp toast or biscuit
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