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English wordsMeanings
rooma part of the inside of a house such as a bedroom or kitcheen
ballrooma very big room used for dancing
bathrooma room with a bath in it
bedrooma room where there is a bed
brooma brush with a long handle, for cleaning floors
classrooma room in school where children learn things
cloakrooma place where you can leave hats and coats: a lavatory
living-rooma room with comfortable furniture where the family gathers together to talk, red, watch television or entertain visitors
mushrooma small plant shaped like an umbrella. It can be cooked and eaten
raindrops of water that fall out of the clouds
rama male sheep. The same word also means to push hard or crash into something
rayona man-made silky material. Dresses, blouses, ties and other clothes are often made of rayon
remainto stay behind or to be left
rhyme(say rime) words that have the same sound at the end, like blue. Zoo and shoe
rimthe outside edge of something round, like the rim of a wheel
roamto wander about
ruinto spoil or destroy; to make something useless. The same word also means an old building that is falling down
ruma strong drink made from sugar cane
runto move quickly on your feet
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