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English wordsMeanings
rusta reddish-brown coating that appears on things made of iron or steel after they have been in water or out in damp air for some time
crustthe hard outer covering of something like a loaf of bread or a pie
mistrustnot to trust or not to believe someone
racketa bat with a network of strings used in playing tennis and other games. Sometimes the word is spelled racquet. The same word also means a loud noise
reactto act reciprocally against each other
reciteto say something aloud that you have learned by heart, like reciting a poem
requestto ask someone politely to do something or ask for something
resistto struggle or fight against someone who is trying to make you do something you don’t want to do
restto stop working or playing and be quiet
rightthe opposite of left and the opposite of wrong. The same word also means the correct and proper thing to say or do
roastto cook meat in an oven
ruggedrough and strong
rustlea soft whispering sound, such as is made by dry leaves rubbing together
thrustto push with great force; to stab
trustto believe that someone is honest, or that you will not be tricked
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