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English wordsMeanings
scarthe mark left on your skin after a sore or wound has healed
saria long piece of cloth wrapped around the body and hanging loose over the shoulder, worn by girls and women in India
saucera small curved plate put under a cup
scarcenot enough; difficult to find
scarcelyhardly; not quite
scarcitya very small supply of something, so that there is not enough to go round
scarecrowsomething, usually like the dummy figure of a man, which is put in a field to frighten the birds away from the crops
scarfa long thick piece of material you wear to keep your neck warm
scarletbright red
scorethe number of point, goals or marks you get in a game or examination
screwa special kind of thick nail with grooves. You turn it round and round with tool called a screw-driver to make it go into wood
scurryto hurry along in a bustling way
shareto give part of something to someone else
shoreland at the edge of a lake or the sea
showera sudden brief fall of rain, sleet or snow. The same word also means a bath in which you stand up and water sprays all over you
soarto fly high into the air
sorepainful when touched
sorrowunhappiness; sadness
sorryfeeling unhappy about something you have done, or something that has happened
sournot sweet tasting. Lemons taste sour
squarea rectangle whose four sides are equal in length
sureknowing you are right
swearto make a very solemn promise. The same word also means to use bad language
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