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English wordsMeanings
seathe salty water that covers parts of the earth where there is no land
diseaseillness; sickness
researcha diligent seeking or facts or principles, investigation, to search again
sacka large bag made of cloth, paper or plastic
sagto sink down or bend in the middle; to hang limply or droop
sagaa long story about people and legends of olden days; a long story about a family and their family before them
sakecause, purpose, regard
sasha strip of ribbon or cloth worn round the waist or over the shoulder. The same word also means the frame of a window that slides up and down
saucycheeky; a bit impudent
sausagea meat mixture chopped up very small and put into a thin bag made of animal skin
sawa metal tool with pointed teeth on one edge, used for cutting wood
sayto speak; to tell something
seagulla sea bird, usually coloured grey and white. It makes a loud screeching sound
seahorsea pretty little sea animal with no legs. Its body ends in a curly tail to help it swim along in an upright position
seala fish-eating animal that can also live on land. The same word also means to close or fasten something, so that it cannot be opened without breaking the fastening
sea liona large kind of seal. The male makes a roaring noise, like a lion
seama line where two pieces of material are joined together by sewing
seaplanean aeroplane that can take off from or land on the sea
searchto look everywhere for something
searchlighta very powerful beam of light that shows things clearly in the dark
seashellthe hard covering on some kinds of fish and sea animals
seasidea place by the sea, where you can go for your holidays
seasonspring, summer, autumn and winter are the four seasons of the year. The same word also means to add things like salt and pepper to food to improve the flavour
seasonablenatural to the season, timely
seata piece of furniture for sitting on
seaweedplants that grow in the sea
seeto use your eyes to look at something
seekto look for
seizeto grasp and hold on to
sewto join cloth together with a needle and thread
sewagethe filthy matter which passes through sewers
sexeither of the two groups, male and female, that animals and humans are divided into
shaggycovered with rough long hair or fur, usually untidy
shaketo move something quickly up and down or from side to side
shocka nasty surprise
shoea covering for your foot
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