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English wordsMeanings
sectora part of circle between two radii, a mathematical instrument useful in making diagrams
scatterto throw things around in all directions, like scattering bread crumbs on the ground for birds to eat
scootera small two-wheeled vehicle, moved by pushing with one foot or by an engine
shatterto break something into many pieces
shudderto shiver or tremble with fear or disgust
shuttera wooden cover for a window, used to keep heat and light out in day time, and to keep burglars out at night
sistera daughter of the same parents
stara tiny light which shines in the night sky. The same word also means someone who is famous and popular, like a film star
stareto look at something or someone for a long time without looking away
steerto guide a vehicle or ship to the right or left. The same word also means a young bull
stirto move; to shake up or mix
storeto keep something until it is needed. The same word also means a shop
storeya stage or floor of a building
storyan adventure told or written. It can be a true story, or made up like a fairy tale
strawdry stiff yellow stalks that farm animals like to sleep on
strayto wander away or go in the wrong direction by mistake
stutterto speak with difficulty because you find it hard to get words out easily; to stammer
sweatera heavy knitted jersey
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