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English wordsMeanings
settleto agree upon something, such as settling on a day to go out with someone
saddlea leather seat for a rider, which is fastened on to a horse’s back or a bicycle
stalenot fresh; dry and without much taste because of being kept too long
stalla kind of table on which things for sale are shown at a market. The same word also means a place for one animal in a cattle shed or stable
steadilyin a steady, firm way
stealto take something which belongs to someone else
steela very strong metal made from iron
stilea little set of step fixed to a fence or a wall to help you climb over
stillnot moving; calm
stolea long, narrow piece of material, often made of fur or silk, worn over the shoulders and hanging down
stoola little seat with no back or arms
stylethe way something is done, such as old-style dancing, the newest style of clothes, or good style in writing
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