English Vocabulary Words
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English wordsMeanings
sharka large dangerous sea fish, which has very sharp teeth
sarka shirt
scarcenot enough; difficult to find
scorchto burn slightly; to dry up with heat. Anything that has been scorched turns a yellowy-brown colour
screecha piercing scream
seahorsea pretty little sea animal with no legs. Its body ends in a curly tail to help it swim along in an upright position
searchto look everywhere for something
seriesa number of things or events following one another in regular order
seriousnot foolish or making fun; deeply thoughtful. The same word also means causing worry, as when someone has a serious illness
shearslarge scissors, used for cutting things like hedges or sheep’s wool
shrickhigh-pitched scream; a shrill laugh
sourcethe beginning or starting place of something, like a stream or river
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