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English wordsMeanings
shaveto cut off hair with a razor
safenot able to be hurt; out of danger. The same word also means a very strong metal box used to lock money and valuable things away safety
sapthe juice in plants and trees
saveto keep something to use later on. The same word also means to help someone who is in danger
scabthe dry crust on sore place or wound when it begins to heal
scoopa tool shaped like a deep shovel, that is used to dig up earth or sand. Small scoops are used to measure out dry foods, such as sugar, shelled nuts and flour
shabbynearly worn out; almost ragged. The same word also means not fair or kind, as when someone plays a shabby trick on you
shapewhat something is like if you draw a line around the outside of it. A ball is shaped like a circle
sheafa bundle (of corn) or a bunch (of papers)
sheepan animal covered with thick wool
shipa very large boat that goes across the ocean
shopa place where you can buy things
shoveto push roughly
sievea container with many small holes, used to separate large and small lumps of soil, grain or food
sipto drink something a little bit at a time
skipto jump up and down on one leg at a time, often over a rope. The same word also means to leave out something, like skipping dull parts of a book
soapsomething you use with water to make things clean
sobto weep noisily
sofaanother word for couch
soupa liquid food made by boiling meat, vegetables or other foods together in water
spysomeone who secretly watches what other people are doing, especially during a war when he is paid to get information about the enemy
subwayan underground passage for pedestrians: an underground electric train
supto eat supper: to take spoonfuls of soup or liquid into your mouth
sweepto use a brush or broom to clean the floor. The same word also means a man who sweeps chimneys
swipeto hit hard and rather wildly
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