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English wordsMeanings
shawla square piece of cloth folded and worn around the head and shoulders by girls and women
saila piece of canvas fastened to a ship’s mast. Sails catch the wind so that the ship is moved along
salethe exchange of something for money. The same word also means a period when shops sell some of their goods more cheaply
sallowhaving a pale, sickly yellowish colour
scaleone of the small horny flakes that cover the skin of snakes and fishes. The same word also means a set of notes in music
schoola place where people go to learn
scowlto frown
seagulla sea bird, usually coloured grey and white. It makes a loud screeching sound
seala fish-eating animal that can also live on land. The same word also means to close or fasten something, so that it cannot be opened without breaking the fastening
seashellthe hard covering on some kinds of fish and sea animals
sellto give something in exchange for money
shallowthe opposite of deep; not very far to the bottom
shellthe hard covering on a nut or egg. Some fish, animals and insects also have shells
sillthe wooden or stone ledge at the bottom of a door or window
sillynot clever; not thinking carefully
skillcleverness; the ability to do something well
slayto kill
slowthe opposite of fast. To be slow is to take a long time to do something
slycunning; artful
soilloose earth. The same word also means to make something dirty
solethe bottom of your foot or your shoe. The same word also means a kind of flat fish
soulthe invisible part of a person which is believed to live on after death
squeala long high piercing sound made by some animals
swallowto let food or drink go down your throat. The same word also means a pretty dark blue and white bird with a forked tail
swellto grow larger or louder
swillto drink in large amounts. The same word also means pig’ food
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