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English wordsMeanings
shotsmall bullets for a shotgun
sadnot happy; feeling sorry
scootto move away quickly
scoutsomeone sent to spy on the enemy: a member of the Boy Scouts
seasidea place by the sea, where you can go for your holidays
seata piece of furniture for sitting on
seaweedplants that grow in the sea
seedthe part of the plant from which new plants grow
setto put or dispose in a certain place of position, fix, appoint, estimate
setteea long seat with a back and arms, with room for several people to sit
shadeto keep the light away from something
shadowa dark shape that appears on the ground when an object gets in the way of light
sheatha scabbard; a cover for the blade of a sword or knife
sheda hut made of wood or metal, often used to keep tools in
sheeta large piece of cloth used on a bed. The same word also means a single piece of paper, glass or metal
shootto send a bullet from a gun, or an arrow from a bow
shoutto speak or call out very loudly
shutclosed, not open
sidethe broad or long surface of a body, a direction
sitto be on a chair or seat
sitean area of ground where a building is, or will be built
skatea metal blade or wheels fastened on a shoe, so that you can move quickly and smoothly on ice or a flat surface. The same word also means a large flat fish with very wide fins
skidto slide sideways, as a car sometimes does on wet or icy roads
socketa hollow place that you fit something into, like a socket for an electric bulb
soota soft black powdery stuff which comes from burning wood or coal. It sticks to the inside of the chimney
sootheto calm someone down; to comfort
souththe direction opposite to north, on your right as you face the rising sun
statuethe figure of a person or animal which is carved from stone or wood. Sometimes statues are made of metal or some other material
stayto be in one place and not leave
steadystanding firm; moving without jerking or shaking. The same word also means loyal and faithful
stewto cook food, especially meat with vegetables, by boiling it slowly
studa kind of fastening for a shirt
studiothe workshop of an artist; a place where films are made: a room from which radio or television programmes are broadcast
studyto learn; to examine something closely
successdto do what you set out to do. The same word also means to come after, or to follow in order, as when a prince becomes king by succeeding his father
suggestto tell others about an idea or plan that you think would be good
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