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sinka place in the kitchen where there is running water for washing dishes and preparing vegetables. The same word also means to go under the water
saunceliquid poured over food to give it more flavour. Mint sauce is used with roast lamb
sayinga thing that is often said, like a stitch in time saves nine
scienceknowledge go by careful study and testing of things, often to do with nature. Chemistry is a natural science
sensegood or right knowledge. The same word also means being able to tell what things are liked by testing, smelling, touching, seeing or hearing
sincefrom a certain time until now, as when you say you have nothing to eat since breakfast
singto make music with your voice
singe(say sinj) to burn slightly, to scorch
smackto hit with the open hand; to slap
smashto break something into pieces, usually with a crashing noise
smocka loose garment, usually worn over other clothes to keep them clean
smokethe cloud of tiny particles that comes from something burning
snacka small quick meal, like a sandwich or biscuits and cheese
snakea crawling animal with a long body and no legs. Some snakes are dangerous because they have a poisonous bite
sneakto tell tales about someone behind his back: to creep along quietly
sneezeto make a sudden blowing noise through your nose because it tickles
snowshoeone of a pair of frames strung with thin strips of leather. People were snowshoes to keep their feet from sinking into deep soft snow
snugcosy and warm
songwords and music together, which you sing. The same word also means the musical notes sung by birds
sonichaving to do with sound waves, as in sonic boom
swinga seat hanging from ropes or chains. The same word also means to move in the air, back and forth, or from side to side
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