English Vocabulary Words
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English wordsMeanings
stakea strong pointed stick or post
mistakesomething wrong, like a mistake in your sums
sketcha rough quick drawing
stacka large heap
stagea male deer
stagethe platform in a theatre or hall where people act, sing, or speak
statussocial position, rank, condition, position of affairs
steaka thick slice of meat or fish
sticka long thin piece of wood: anything shaped like a stick, such as a stick of wax or gum
stickyclinging or holding on, as when something like glue or honey sticks to your fingers
stiticha loop of thread that has been sewn. The same word also means a sudden sharp pain in your side, usually caused by running
stocksupplies of food and other goods stored by shopkeepers. The same word also means a sweet-smelling garden flower
stoketo put fuel on the fire to make it hotter
sudssoapy bubbles
switcha little lever which turns on electricity
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