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English wordsMeanings
swimto move along in the water using your arms and legs
samehot different; like something else
scenea view; the place where something happens: part of a play
schemea combination of things adjusted by design, a system, project, diagram
seama line where two pieces of material are joined together by sewing
seasonspring, summer, autumn and winter are the four seasons of the year. The same word also means to add things like salt and pepper to food to improve the flavour
seemto appear, to look as if, feel as if, imagine
sementhe seed or fecundating fluid of male animals, sperm
shamthat which appears to be what is not, false
shamea feeling of unhappiness because you have hurt someone or done something you know is wrong
shineto give out bright light. Silver and gold are shiny; a torch shines in the dark
skimto glide quickly over the surface of something. The same word also means to take the cream off the top of the milk
skinthe outside covering of your body
snowdrops of water that become frozen in the air in winter. The pieces that float down through the air are called snowflakes
snowmana man made out of snow
somea few; not all
someoneanother word for somebody
sona male child of a father or mother
soonin a short time
sumthe total number when two or more things are added together
summonto call up, to call by authority
sunthe round bright ball seen in the sky during the day. It sends out light and heat
sunnyfull of sunshine
swana large water-bird with a very long neck. It is usually white
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