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tablea piece of furniture with legs and a flat top. The same word also means a set of facts or figures arranged in columns
comfortableto be feeling at ease, without pain or worry
constablea policeman
dressing tablea table with a mirror where you can sit to do your hair
notableworthy of note, remarkable, conspicuous
palatablesavoury, tasteful, tasty
portablenot bulky or heavy, that may be carried
stablea building where horses are kept
suitablea flat case for carrying clothes when you are going away
tableclotha large piece of material used to cover a table
tableta small, flat piece of something, like stone, soap and some kinds of medicine
tableaua picture, striking group of dramatic sence
tadpolea frog when it is very young, before its legs develop
uncomfortablenot at ease; feeling awkward
vegetableany plant used for food
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