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English wordsMeanings
tea setcups and saucers, plates and a teapot which all have the same pattern
tacitsilent, unspoken
tasteto put a bit of food in your mouth or sip a drink to see if you like it or not
testan examination to find our how much someone knows. The same word also means to find out whether something such as a car or a machine is working properly
thicketshrubs and trees growing closely together
thoughtan idea; something that is in your mind
ticketa small piece of paper or cardboard which you get when you pay to ride on a public vehicle, or go to a show
tightclose fitting; closely packed; the opposite of loose
toastbread which is made brown and crisp by heating it
twistto bend something; to wind one thing around another; to turn sharply
insteadin place of
steadilyin a steady, firm way
steadystanding firm; moving without jerking or shaking. The same word also means loyal and faithful
steaka thick slice of meat or fish
stealto take something which belongs to someone else
steamthe cloud-like gas that water turns into when it boils
steama small river
teaa hot drink made by pouring boiling water on to the dried leaves of the tea plant
teachto show someone how to do something; to give lessons
teachersomeone who helps you to learn things
closeta small private apartment
setto put or dispose in a certain place of position, fix, appoint, estimate
setteea long seat with a back and arms, with room for several people to sit
settleto agree upon something, such as settling on a day to go out with someone
upsetto knock something over. The same word also means to be worried or ill
water closeta small room containing a bowel which has a rushing flow of water to carry away waste through a pipe, it is called W.C. for short
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