English Vocabulary Words
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English wordsMeanings
tellto give news or say what you know about something
intelligencethe capacity to know, knowledge imported or acquired
intelligentbrainy; clever at learning
satellitea planet that revolves around another larger planet, as the moon revolves around the earth
tailthe part that comes out at the end of anything, like the tail of an animal, a kite or an aeroplane
taleanother word for a story
tallvery high
tilea flattish piece of baked clay which is used for roofs and sometimes for floors
tillup to a certain time. The same word also means a special drawer where a shopkeeper keeps his money
titlethe name of something, such as a book, a song or a play. The same word also means a word in front of someone’s name such as Sir, Lord, Doctor, or Captain
toddleto walk with short wobbly steps like a very young child
toilto work very hard, with great effort
toolany instrument that helps people to do work. Hammers and shovels are tools
towela piece of thick cloth or paper that you use to dry things that are wet
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