English Vocabulary Words
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English wordsMeanings
thoughtan idea; something that is in your mind
forethoughta thought or plan for the future
tacitsilent, unspoken
tasteto put a bit of food in your mouth or sip a drink to see if you like it or not
tea setcups and saucers, plates and a teapot which all have the same pattern
testan examination to find our how much someone knows. The same word also means to find out whether something such as a car or a machine is working properly
thicketshrubs and trees growing closely together
thoughtfulthinking deeply: thinking of what others would like
ticketa small piece of paper or cardboard which you get when you pay to ride on a public vehicle, or go to a show
tightclose fitting; closely packed; the opposite of loose
toastbread which is made brown and crisp by heating it
twistto bend something; to wind one thing around another; to turn sharply
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