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English wordsMeanings
threshto beat out grain from its covering. Sometimes the word is spelled thrash
terracea raised flat area of earth: a row of houses joined together
thoroughcomplete; very careful
thrashto beat
thresholda door, sill, entrance, outset
throughfrom one end to the other
thrusha wild songbird with a brown and white speckled breast
torcha light which you can carry about, like an electric torch or a stick which is flaming at one end
tracka rough path through woods or fields. The same word also means a railway line
traceto copy a drawing by putting transparent paper over it and going over the lines with a pencil
tricksomething clever. Some people can do magic tricks and others can do tricks like walking on a wire, or standing on a horse when it is running
trougha long narrow container which covers from your waist to your ankles, fitting around each leg separately
trucka big open vehicle for carrying heavy things from place to place
thresholda door, sill, entrance, outset
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