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ticka soft clicking noise such as a clock makes. The same word also means a mark to show that something is correct, like this
candlesticka holder for a candle
chopstickstwo thin pieces of wood or ivory used for eating food by people living in some far-eastern countries
drumstickthe stick you use to beat a drum. The same word also means the leg of a chicken or turkey
lipsticka kind of crayon in a case, used by girls and women to colour their lips red or pink
sticka long thin piece of wood: anything shaped like a stick, such as a stick of wax or gum
stickyclinging or holding on, as when something like glue or honey sticks to your fingers
tacka short nail with a wide flat head. The same word also means to sew something together with long loose stitches
taga label. The same word also means a children&resquo;s game in which one person chases and tries to touch another
taketo get hold: or to carry away
taska job; an amount of work that you have to do
taxmoney paid to the government to help them pay for things everyone uses, such as roads, bridges, schools, hospitals and medicine
taxia car that you pay to ride in
teachto show someone how to do something; to give lessons
teaseto annoy someone by making fun of him
thatcha roof or covering of straw or reeds
thickwide or deep; the opposite of thin
thighthe thick part of your leg above the knee
thustherefore; in this way
ticketa small piece of paper or cardboard which you get when you pay to ride on a public vehicle, or go to a show
ticklea funny feeling on your skin which makes you want to scratch. Sometime it can make you laugh when someone tickles you
tissueany woven stuff, a textile fabric, a fabrication
tootheachea pain in your teeth
tossto throw something carelessly into the air
toughhard; strong; not easily broken
touchto feel something with your fingers or with some part of your body
tuckto roll or fold up. The same word also means chocolates and sweets
tugto pull hard at someone or something
tuskon of the tow very long teeth that stick out of the mouths of some animals such as elephants
twisetwo times
twiga little branch on a tree or bush
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