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English wordsMeanings
timeseconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years
centimetrea hundredth part of a metre
maritimerelating to the sea, navel
pastimea game or hobby that you like to do to pass the time
playtimea period of time for playing, not working or studying
sometimeat a time not known
sometimesnot all the time; now and then
tamenot wild; able to live with human beings as pets, like tame rabbits
tanthe brown colour of your skin when you have been out in the sun for a long time. The same word also means to make animal hide in to leather
teama group of people all helping each other in a job or game
teemto be aboundant; to be full to overflowing as when a river teems with fish
thinnot wide or fat; the opposite of thick
tina silver metal. The same word also means a container made of tin
tinyvery, very small
tona measurement of weight. One ton is equal to 2,240 pounds
tonea sound, usually musical. The word also means used to describe the way a person’s voice sounds, such as a harsh or a sweet tone of voice
towna lot of houses and buildings together. It is larger than a village
tummya pet name for stomach
tunea lot of musical notes played one after the other to make a pretty sound
twinone of two children or animals born at the same time to the same mother
twinethreads twisted together to make strong string. The same word also means to turn or twist round something
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