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English wordsMeanings
toffeea sweet sticky food made from sugar and butter
taba small flap or loop, usually on a piece of clothing
tapto hit something lightly. The same word also means a kind of handle that you turn off and on to control the flow of something from a pipe, like gas and water
tapea narrow strip of something such as strong cloth, plastic or sticky paper used to tie or fasten things together
thiefsomeone who steals
tipthe thin end of something, usually pointed. The same word also means to overturn or tilt something
topthe highest part of something. The same word also means a spinning toy
tuban open container for washing in or for holding liquids
tubea long thin hollow piece of metal, wood or other material. The same word also means a container from which you squeeze out the contents, such as tooth paste. Tube is also another word for an underground railway
typeto print words on paper by using a typewriter. The same word also means something that belongs to or stands for a group of things, like a type of person or type of food
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