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English wordsMeanings
tooas well; also
cartoona short funny film or drawing in a newspaper
tnot hard, rough or loud
stoola little seat with no back or arms
stoopto bend the upper part of your body downwards
teaa hot drink made by pouring boiling water on to the dried leaves of the tea plant
teethmore than one tooth
thouan old-fashioned word for you
thuda heavy bumping sound when something falls to the ground
tidethe coming in and going out of the sea
tidyneat; in order; not in a mess
tieto make a knot with string or ribbon. The same word also means a narrow piece of cloth worn around the neck
tita small prettily-coloured wild bird
toadan animal that looks like a frog which has a rough, lumpy skin. It usually lives on land
toadstoola poisonous plant shaped like a mushroom
todayon this day
toea part of your foot. You have five toes on each foot
toolany instrument that helps people to do work. Hammers and shovels are tools
toothone of the white bones in your mouth that you use to bite with
tootheachea pain in your teeth
toothbrusha small long-handled brush which you use to clean your teeth
toothpastea paste which you squeeze from a tube on to a toothbrush and use to clean your teeth
tota small child. The same word also means to add up
toysomething children play with
tow(rhymes with go) to pull something along by a rope
tweeda thick, rather rough woollen cloth which is often used to make suits and overcoats
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