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English wordsMeanings
traina lot of carriages pulled along a railway by an engine. The same word also means to teach
constrainto compel, force, imprison
padestrainsomeone who is walking
strainto make every effort; to put all your strength in to doing something
strainera kind of bowl with holes in it, usually made of metal or plastic. You put vegetables or other food in it to let the water out
terma length of time. The school year is divided into three terms, with holidays between
thronea special chair for a king or queen on ceremonial occasions
trainersomeone who teaches a person or animal to do something well, like swimming or running in a race
treama kind of bus which runs on rails and works by electricity
trimto make something neat, often by cutting off rough edges and loose threads. The same word also means to decorate a piece of clothing by adding lace, ribbons or some other pretty trimming
turnto move your self or some object to the left or the right or all the way round
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