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English wordsMeanings
treadto step or walk
tardylate; slow
tarta piece of pastry with jam or fruit in it
thirdnext after second; one of three
threada very thin, very long piece of material used in sewing
throatthe inside of the front of your neck which contains the gullet and the windpipe
tiredwhen you are tired you have the feeling that you want to rest or go to sleep
tradeto buy and sell: to exchange. The same word also means a particular kind of business, like hairdressing or dressmaking
traita feature, peculiarity, Characteristic, touch, stroke
treatto act in a certain way towards someone or something. The same word also means a special outing or present for which you do not have to pay
trotto run, but not as fast as you can
trouta kind of fish which lives in fresh water and is very good to eat
truthwhatever is true and has really happened
turreta small tower on a building. The same word also means a revolving platform on a ship or tank that has guns on it
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