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English wordsMeanings
treea very large plant with leaves and branches
streeta road with houses or other buildings on both sides of it
tara thick black liquid which comes form wood and coal. Tar is used in making roads
tear(rhymes with spare) to pull apart; to rip
tear(rhymes with spear) one of the drops of water that come from your eyes when you are sad or hurt
terriera kind of small dog
terrorto frighten someone very greatly
terrorvery great fear
tetherto tie an animal with a rope or chain so that it can walk around a bit, but cannot get away
theatrea building where plays are acted
throwto release something like a ball or a stone out of your hand and into the air with some force
tireto become tired; to bore or make someone tired
towera building or part of a building that is very high and narrow
tourto travel round for pleasure from place to place, ending up where you started from
totterto walk unsteadily and shakily
traya flat piece of wood, metal or plastic, on which you can carry light things, such as cups and saucers and food
truereal; correct
tryto test to see if something works: to do the best you can
twitterto make a chattering noise, as birds do when a lot of them are together
tyrea rubber ring, usually filled with air, on the outer rim of a car or bicycle wheel
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