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English wordsMeanings
wagepayment for a job of work
sewagethe filthy matter which passes through sewers
wagto move something up and down or from side to side, as when a dog wages its tail
waketo become awake after being asleep, to wake up someone who is asleep
washto make clean, using soap and water
waxa soft yellowish material used in making candles. The same word also means sealing wax, which melts when you heat it, and then gets hard again
weaknot strong
weekseven days
weighto find out how heavy something is
whackto strike something so hard that it makes a noise
whichone of two or more people or things, as when you decide which friend to invite or which flavour of ice cream you are going to have
whiskto move, sweep or stir something very quickly. The same word also means a kitchen tool used for whipping eggs and cream
whiskya very strong drink made from grain
wickthe twisted threads of cotton in a candle or lamp, which you light
wigfalse hair that you put on over your own hair
wiseknowing and understanding a lot of things
wishto want something very much
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