English Vocabulary Words
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English wordsMeanings
webthe lacy net that spiders spin to trap insects
cobweba very thin net made by a spider to trap insects
wavewater moving in a curved line on the surface of the sea or a lake. The same word also means to move something, like your hand or a flag, back and forth or up and down
weaveto make cloth by twisting threads over and under each other
web-foota foot that has skin joining the toes together. Ducks, geese and swans are all web-footed
weepto cry tears
whiffa sudden puff of air, smoke, or scent
whipa piece of thin strong cord or leather attached to handle. The same word also means to stir up eggs or cream very quickly
whoopa loud cry or shout. The same word also means the noise made by someone who has the illness called whooping cough
wifea married woman
wipeto clean or dry something by rubbing
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