English Vocabulary Words
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English wordsMeanings
whileduring the time that; as long as
awhilefor a short time, for a moment
meanwhilethe time between two events or happenings
wailto make a long sad crying noise
wallsomething built of bricks or stone, like the sides of a house or a fence around a garden
wellhealthy; properly. The same word also means a deep hole in the ground from which oil or water is obtained
whalethe largest animal found in the sea
wheela large flat circle made of wood or metal. Cars, buses and bicycles must have wheels to be able to move along
wholeall; not a part; not divided
willowa tree with long bending branches and narrow leaves. Cricket bats are usually made of willow wood
wilycrafty, sly
woolthe thick warm covering of hair on a sheep, which is made into such things as blankets and clothing
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