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English wordsMeanings
winto come first in something, like a race or a game
chewing guma sweet that you keep chewing but do not swallow
drawing pina pin with a large flat head
swinga seat hanging from ropes or chains. The same word also means to move in the air, back and forth, or from side to side
twinone of two children or animals born at the same time to the same mother
twinethreads twisted together to make strong string. The same word also means to turn or twist round something
twinkleto shine and sparkle in flashes, like a star in the sky
wanpale; looking rather ill or weak
waneto become smaller, as when the full moon begins to wane
whenat what time; at the time that
whineto make a sad complaining crying sound
whinnythe noise a horse makes by blowing through its nose
windowera man whose wife is dead
wind(rhymes with tinned) fast-moving air that blows things about
wind(rhymes with kind) to turn or twist something around, like winding up a ball of string
wind baga bag filed with wind, a man of mere words
wind fallan unexpected legacy, advantage
windmila machine that is worked by the wind. It is used for grinding grain or for pumping water
windowa glass-covered opening in the wall of a building, which lets light and air in
winestrong drink made from the juice of grapes
wingone of the two feathered parts of a bird’s body with which it flies, Aeroplanes have metal wings
winkto shut and open one eye quickly
winsomeattractive, winning
winterthe last of the four seasons of the year, when it is coldest
wintrycold, stormy
womana female human being; a girl when she is grown up
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