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agonisingundergo anguish, suffer agony.
agonyextreme pain of body or mind, pangs of death
agreeto consent to something, or to think the same as someone else
agreeablefriendly; easy to get on with
agriculturecultivation of soil; cultivating-ground
agro-foodsoil management and crop production.
agroundstuck on the sand or rocks. Ships sometimes run aground and cannot move without help
aheadin front; before
airthe mixture of gases which we breathe and which surrounds the earth
air forceaircraft used for fighting and the people who control them
aircraftany machine that can rise in the air and move through it
airfielda place where aircraft can land and take off
airguna gun in which the bullet is shot by the force of compressed air
airmto point a gun or other weapon steadily at the thing you want to hit
airmana man who flies or helps to fly aircraft
airportthe place where aeroplanes come in to land and take off
airtightclosed so tightly that air cannot get in or out
aislea pathway between rows of seats in a church, a cinema or theatre
alarmsudden surprise or fear. The same word also means a warning of danger, often a bell
albuma book of blank pages in which you keep a collection of things like stamps or photographs
alcoholpure spirit of wine
alea kind of beer
alefttowards the left side of hand
alertwide awake; active or watchful
algebraa branch of Mathematics in which you use letters as well as figures
alibian excuse by someone that he could not have done something, because he can prove that he was somewhere else when it happened
alightin flames; burning
aliveliving; not dead
allthe whole of everything or everyone
allayto calm, to put down, to lighten, soothe
allegeto assert, affirm, plead in excuse
alleya narrow passage between buildings in cities and towns
alleywaya narrow passage.
alligatora dangerous animal very like a crocodile, but with a shorter nose
allotto distribute by lot or as shares
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