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English wordsMeanings
icewater which has been frozen hard by the cold
ice creama frozen food made with milk and sugar
iciclea long thin spike of ice, usually hanging from a roof
icinga sugar coating for cakes
iconimage or statue. The same word also means an important person.
ideaa plan which you think of, or a picture in your mind
idealperfect; exactly right
identification markmark showing who are what somebody or something is
idiota person whose mind does not work properly; a crazy person
idlelazy; not working; doing nothing
idolan image or statue of a person or animal that is worshipped as a god
idylla short narrative poem of rustic life
iglooa hut made of blocks of hard snow. It has a domed roof
ignorantwithout knowledge; not knowing
ignoreto take no notice; to pretend someone or something is not there
illnot well; not healthy
illogicalunsound, contrary to logic
illuminateto light or throw light, upon
illusiondeceptive appearance belief or statement
illustrationa picture, usually in a book. The word also means an example that helps to explain something
imagean exact likeness or copy of something; a statue
imaginarysomething you think of that is not real
imaginationfancy, Mental faculty of making images of things not present
imagineto picture in your mind what something or someone is like
imitateto copy, to do something the same as someone else
immaterialunimportant, insignificant, Not consisting of material
immaturenot mature, premature, Not perfect
immediatelyat once
immenseenormous; very big
impa little devil: a naughty child
impetusimpulse, driving force.
implementationcarrying out
importbring in from another country
importantof great interest or value. The word also means powerful
impossiblenot able to be done
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