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English wordsMeanings
piratesomeone who robs ships at sea
pistola small hand gun that can be carried in pocket
pita hole in the ground
pitchto throw or fall forward: to set something up, such as a tent or a stall in market. The same word also means the highness or lowness of musical notes
pitchera person who throws a ball in some games. The same word also means a large jug for holding or pouring liquids
pitya feeling of sadness you have because someone else is ill or unhappy
pivotthe pin or centre on which something turns
pixiea kind of fairy
placarda written or printed poster or notice
placespot where someone or something is
plaguea terrible illness that spreads from person to person very quickly
plainordinary; not fancy or decorated. The same word also means a large flat part of the country
plait(rhymes with mat) several pieces of ribbon, straw or hair twisted under and over each other, like a rope
planto think out how a thing can be done before you do it. The same word also means a model or drawing showing the shape and design of something, like a building or a town
planea carpenter’s tool used to make wood smooth. It is also a short word for aeroplane
planetanything in the sky which like the earth, goes round the sun
planka long flat heavy piece of wood, thicker than a board
plantanything that grows up from the earth, like grass or flowers
plastera mixture of water, sand and lime, which hardens when it is put on walls and ceilings. The same word also means a piece of sticky tape that holds a bandage in place
plasticmaterial that can be moulded into different shapes when it is soft. Later it becomes hard. Lots of things are made of plastic, such as combs, cups and buckets
platea round flat dish for food
platformthe raised part of a hall or theatre for the speakers or actors. The same word also means the part of a railway station beside the tracks, where you get on to a train
playto have fun; to take part in a game: to perform on a musical instrument. The same word also means a show acted on a stage, usually without music
playgrounda special place at school or in a park where children can play
playmatesomeone you play with
playtimea period of time for playing, not working or studying
pleasantnice; agreeable; enjoyable
pleaseto make someone feel happy. You also use this word when you are being polite in asking someone to do something
pleasurea feeling of being glad and happy when you are enjoying yourself
plentymore than enough; all that is needed
pliersa tool like small pincers, used to twist or bend wire
plimsollscanvas shoes with rubber soles
plodto walk heavily and slowly
plota small piece of land. The same word also means the main happenings in a play or story. Sometimes it means a wicked or evil plan, like the Gunpowder Plot
plougha farm tool pulled along by horses or a tractor. It cuts into the ground and turns it over
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