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English wordsMeanings
pluckcourage; bravery. The same word also means to pull at the strings of a musical instrument, such as the guitar
pluga piece of metal or rubber made to fit a hole so the water does not run out. An electric plug fits into a socket to obtain electric power
pluma juicy fruit with a stone in the middle
plumbera man who connects up or mends water pipes
plumea large curly feather, sometimes worn as an ornament on a hat
plumprather fat and well-rounded
plungeto throw yourself into water; to rush into something
pluralmore than one. The plural of cat is cats
plusthe sign + which shows that numbers are to be added
plywoodvery thin layers of wood glued together
pneumonia(say newmonia) a painful illness of the lungs
poachto cook foods, such as eggs without their shells, or fish, in very hot water. The same word also means to catch animals or fish on someone else’s land without his permission
pocketa little bag sewn into clothes to put things in the outside covering of seeds
poema piece of writing like a song without music, that shows your thoughts and imaginings
poetsomeone who writes poems
poetrywriting arranged in short lines, usually with a particular rhythm
pointthe sharp end of something, like a pin or a pencil
pointedsharp; with a point; like the end of a pin
poisonsomething if swallowed or injected can make you very ill or even kill you
poketo jab or push anything suddenly
pokera metal rod used for stirring a fire. The same word is the name of a card game
polarhaving to do with the North and South poles. Polar bears live near the North Pole
polea long rounded piece of wood or metal, used to hold something up, such as a flag. The same word also means the north or south ends of the world’s axis
policea group of men and women whose job is to see that the laws of the country are obeyed. If you see someone breaking the law, you can ask the police to do something about it
polishto make something shiny by rubbing it hard, usually with special powder, paste or liquid
politehaving good manners
ponda small lake
ponya little horse
poola small area of water, sometimes not bigger than a puddle
poorhaving little money or few belongings. The same word also means not good, like poor soil where nothing grows very well
popa sharp quick exploding sound. The same word can be short for popular. Then it means music or art that most people like
popcorna special kind of corn that makes a popping sound and bursts open when it is heated
poplara tall, straight, narrow tree
poppya plant, usually with bright red flowers, often seen growing wild in the fields in summer
popularliked by most people
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