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Paragraph Writing

A paragraph deals with a single idea. It contains a group of sentences, having related thoughts. It has a unity of purpose.
The central idea is developed in subsequent sentences. All these sentences are linked together in a logical way.

The following are the essential features of a good paragraph.

(1) Unity: It deals with one main topic or idea. The main idea is often expressed in a single sentence, generally at the beginning. The last sentence sums up the whole paragraph.

(2) Order: The sentences in a paragraph are arranged in a logical and natural order and all the sentences ber on the topic, taken up.

(3) Variety: A good paragraph has variety. It means that the sentences forming a paragraph should differ length and construction.

Bear in mind the following points while writing a paragraph:

(1) All the sentences in the paragraph should refer to the Central idea.

(2) There should be close relationship among the sentences. It depends upon the proper arrangements of thoughts.

(3) There should be a natural flow of ideas. Continuity should carry the reader from point to point

(4) Make the first sentence of your paragraph brief and interesting to arrest the attention. The last sentence shold also be quite attractive and should satisfy the interest aroused in the opening sentence.

(5) Sentences should be short and varied in length. Try to complete the paragraph withing 70 words.

(6) Revise what you have written, and correct all mistakes and slips in spelling, grammar, punctuation etc.

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