Paragraph Writing


Failure - A Stepping Stone to Success

Failure is a stepping stone to success. It produces in man zeal and zest. Just as light is followed by darkness each day, failure and success follow each other represeting the two sides of the same coin of life. We should not feel disheartened when we meet failures. Failures give us a fair and right chance to improve our performance in our future. It is wisely said, “A diamond cannot be polished without friction, not a man perfected without trails”. Without failure, man becomes easygoing and self-satisfied. He gives up effort and becomes stagnant. Greatness is achieved only by meeting failures. Robert Bruce failed to free his country inspite of several efforts he made, but he succeeded in the long run. Einstein was an utter failure in his early life, but he became the greatest scientist of the world. It is failure alone that brings out the greatness in man. So we must be resolute, confident and optimistic.