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Model Letters : Business Letters

I. Write a letter to a book seller complaining him about the damaged condition of book sent by him.

22, Town Hall Road,
Chennai - 1
7th April, 2014.

The Manager,
Ajantha Book Shop,
Kerala - 1.


Sub: Complaint about a damaged book.

    I ordered some books and received the parcel of books sent by you this morning. Thank you for the same.
    I was sorry to find “Advanced Learning English” in a damaged condition. Half of its wrapper is gone, and pages 22 to 45 are missing.
    I have no doubt it got into the parcel through an error or oversight. I am sending the book back to you by registered post and will appreciate an early replacement.

Yours faithfully,

II. Write a letter to a sports company ordering cricket materials on behalf of the club of which you are secretary.

11, Car Street,
Salem - 15.
13th April, 2014.

The Manager,
The Star Sports Depot,
Chennai - 1.

    I shall thank you if you could book on behalf of my club an urgent order for the following cricket materials and execute it at your earliest.

Cricket batsGood Quality5 Numbers
Stumps3 sets
Pads6 pairs
Gloves10 pairs.
Ball12 balls

    Kindly allow us some discount, I shall forward you the net amount of the bill as soon as I receive you bill.
    Thanking you, sir,

Yours, affectionately,

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