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Model Letters : Official Letters

I. You want to join a computer training course during the summer vacation. Write a letter to a computer training centre enquiring about the duration, fees, employment prospects, etc of their training course.

22, Gandhi Road,
Bangalore - 31
10th April, 2019.

“Pixel Points” Computer Centre,
22, Ashramam road,
Bangalore - 1.

Dear Sir,
    I read your advertisement ‘The Express’ dated 6th April. I should like to join the PGDCA course in computer.
    Kindly let me know at earliest (a) the duration (b) the fees for the course, and (c) the employment prospects.
    Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

II. Write a letter to the Manager of a paper mill seeking his permission to visit the mill.

Mumbai - 31
15th April, 2019.

“The Manager” The TN Newsprint Paper Mill,
Car street,
Mumbai - 1.

Dear Sir,
    Twenty boys of our class proposed to visit your famous paper mill. On 24th April 2014 at 10.00 A.M. Three teachers will accompany us. All of us are very keen to see your mill and to know the processes involved in making paper. I request you to allow us to visit the mill on the said date. I hope the date and the time of our visit are convenient you.
    I hope to get a favourable reply.

Yours faithfully,

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